Welcome to the Radio Control Flying Club, Stumps Cross Model Flying Club.

Located near the M11 Motorway, junction 9 and the start of the A11, the SCMFC is ideally located for many Radio Control flyers. The 1.3 acre patch was surveyed in the summer of '98 and seeded in late 1998. A lot of initial planning went into the location, the nearest house is about half a mile away.

The site is about a quarter of a mile from the A11 dual-carriage way, which fortunately provides a great deal of traffic noise! An ideal location. The prevailing wind also takes any noise away from the nearest property. The patch measures approximately 100 by 50 metres. It would probably cater for a micro-light or motor glider!

The grass has been rolled with a road making machine on several occasions in the past and the patch is generally in very good condition. Being a grass strip, larger wheels are however recommended with a minimum of two inch diameter. The site is on a slight slope (making it particularly well drained) and the prevailing wind blows from the left of the pits area.

There are flat fields to the north/west and a hill to the north east. No problems have been encountered over the years with a variety of wind directions and speeds.

All Radio Control flyers are invited to join the club, fixed wing, helicopters, gliders, electric, petrol and gas turbine. The club is particularly interested in modellers who are inventive and want to try out new concepts and designs.

Stumps Cross MFC North Essex/South Cambs - Junction A11/M11 (9a) for Great Chesterford Email: admin@scmfc.co.uk

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