The club is currently offering free training to new members without prior experience of flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft. All new members will start their training with a club approved instructor. We may or may not use the 'Buddy Lead system'.

We will check and flight test new models. Then a period of basic 'in the air' training will be conducted by a club instructor. New members will be allocated a club - official instructor - to help 'hours build'. This is the most time consuming part of learning to fly model aircraft and the most important - this could take several months. Before more complicated procedures like taking off and landing can be practiced, total confidence and ability must be shown by the trainee when flying at low levels.

Your allocated instructor will then help with take off and landings. All training must be organised in advance of the visit to the flying site. We cant guarantee any help - just turning up.

The list of contacts for training are as follows: Gary - Lead Instructor - email: Paul Drake - email: -

Members who regularly practice with a computer flight simulator go solo in less than half the normal time it takes.


Stumps Cross MFC North Essex/South Cambs - Junction A11/M11 (9a) for Great Chesterford Email:

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