Joining Us

The clubs membership is currently restricted to 45 members. To join, the first thing to do is to contact the club secretary at to check the availability of spaces. Note, if you haven't heard from us within 2 days, please ring Gary on 01371 875761.

The most common questions asked is what model should I get. There are lots of trainers about. One which has been popular and showed the best results (and the one we would recommend) is the Thunder Tiger Ready 3 Trainer. Please look at the following website for details

A good engine in an SC 46 or 52.

Another common question is what radio should I get. 2.4 GHz is probably the best way to go. 35 MHz sets are no longer readily available, and are very prone to interference problems. Another popular radio is the Spektrum 2.4 range.

Have a good look at all the websites before making a decision, you could also email us for advice.

You will be required to obtain BMFA insurance, which we can do for you.

You will be required to take a club test (which we will train you for) before you fly solo, unless you can demonstrate your are a competent flyer.

Stumps Cross MFC North Essex/South Cambs - Junction A11/M11 (9a) for Great Chesterford Email:

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